Travel in Chilean Patagonia, March 2020.

Hi everyone, Patagonietrekking is a small local agency run by Julio, a Chilean guide who speaks French, which is rare among local guides and agencies. The contact in France gave us confidence to take a trip to Patagonia with him. Tailor-made circuit according to our wishes, our budget and our expectations that have been largely satisfied. Julio is very receptive, professional, discreet, measured, efficient and always in a good mood. He has a perfect knowledge of the terrain. For our circuit that took place in the first half of March 2020, it adapted and offered us other alternatives to the day-to-day circuit, following the restrictive information from the Chilean authorities with the rapid spread of Covid-19 in the country. It is a 5-star guide that we recommend with confidence. If Chile and Patagonia are your next destinations, contact him, you will not be disappointed.

Pascale Alonso and Gilles Bichon. Nantes city, France.

Travel in Chilean Patagonia, December 2019.

Hello everyone, after three weeks in Chile, simply to recommend a Chilean guide, very simple, very friendly, very attentive and very efficient on the history of your country, as well as on geology or vegetation; also their prices are very reasonable; He can organize tours for you in Chile, North, South, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina. He speaks French very well, if you still hesitate to go to Chile, I can tell you that for nature lovers it is heaven on earth !!!! Thanks Julio and see you soon !!!!!

Chantal Bataller and friends. Toulouse city, France.

Travel in Patagonia from January 16 to February 8, 2017

Evaluations of the trip and the company of Julio Allan Agouborde Monsalves. We loved this trip, very well prepared and done by Julio. Here are our main comments: “Julio is an organizer and a professional guide: he organized the trip from A to Z (hotels, restaurants, lodging, hiking, visits, etc.). As a representative of the group, I found that from the first contact with Julio we interacted very well, many months before to specifying the program, he was always very attentive to our suggestions. During the trip he was able to handle the few unexpected difficulties (minibus not always on time, border crossing, etc.). He has a very good knowledge of history, geography And ecology of the Patagonia (Chilean and Argentine) that has shared with us. He have  local guides. Excellent traveling companion, available, always in a good mood with an excellent welcome. He took his fair share in the group, no problem to integrate, everything was very good. The price value quality of the service seemed excellent. With him we had an exciting and well-balanced journey. It is a perfect organizer and guide that we recommend to everyone”.

Patricia and Jacques Brossier. Dijon City, France.

Travel in Patagonia from January 16 to February 8, 2017

Hi Julio

“Winter in France, summer in Patagonia … we still dreaming  with Patagonia in our minds. Julio Agouborde has carefully prepared a multifaceted program. We were amazed, magnificent walks, a progression in intensity, carefully calculated approaches. Very relaxing moments with incredible visits to places where fauna and flora are gradually discovered. Sometimes local guides (depending on the location or the need for specific knowledge or skills) always accompanied us.Julio integrated with all confidence in the group, knowing how to face very well some unexpected circumstances, always attentive to the well-being of each one of us. Always being nice and in a good mood, what better way to achieve that dream? Immediately we put him in contact with some friends upon our return. We recommend everyone to read these few lines … “

Claude and Monique. Dijon France

Claude and Monique Papillard. Dijon City, France.

Travel in Patagonia from January 16 to February 8,2017

“My husband and me, we had a wonderful tavelling in Patagonia at the beginning of 2017. For three weeks, we traveled with two other couples of friends, the fourth did not come at the last moment … The travel was organized entirely by Julio, recommended By friends who had met him on a trip together in Patagonia.The itinerary of the trip was made to order, depending on what we wanted to do. We had booked our flights, but the rest of the program, accommodation, meals, transportation, guides, everything was planned every day. There was nothing more to let go and fully enjoy all that we were given to live and discover …Everything was very well programmed and when there were minor technical incidents, Julio always found solutions calmly and efficiently.It is without a doubt one of its qualities: efficiency, with kindness, patience, attention to each one and discretion at the same time.This travel was a success with all those wonders visited, the good atmosphere of the group and the very professional and friendly performance of Julio. Who has become a great friend.

Corinne and Jean-Denis Benoit

Jean Denis et Corinne Benoit. Dijon City, France.