Program created for adventurers of the mountain, during 15 days travelling in the heart of the Araucanía 6 most attractive volcanoes of this region, with altitudes between 1.600 and 3.000 meters, we will appreciate the beauty of the region in a natural environment and of adventure. Ascent to Lonquimay volcano, Batea Mahuida volcano, Sierra Nevada volcano, Llaima volcano, Villarrica volcano and Solipulli volcano, hiking trails at Galletue Lake, Conguillio National Park and Villarrica National Park.

Attractions of the Program:

Santiago capital, Chile.

Temuco city, Chile.

Malalcahuello Hot Springs, Chile.

Lonquimay volcano, Chile.

Laguna Galletue, Lago Icalma, Chile.

Trekking Batea Mahuida, Chile.

Conguillio National Park, Chile.

Sierra Nevada Mountain, Chile.

Llaima volcano, Chile.

Trekking Solipulli volcano, Chile.

Villarrica volcano, Chile.

Pucón city, Chile.


September 2021 and October 2021

Day 1/ Temuco City - Malalcahuello town

We arrive at the city of Temuco, capital of Araucania, departure to the city of Malalcahuello 3 hours by minibus, admiring the landscape of this famous region, the first day in the afternoon, visit the thermal baths and prepare our equipment  for our first Ascent to Lonquimay Volcano. Night in Malalcahuello.

Day 2/ MalalcahuelloTown - Lonquimay Volcano

We left early from the town of Malalcahuello at the foot of the Lonquimay volcano, where we started to climb 2.890 meters above sea level to the summit, where we will have a beautiful view of the Tolhuaca volcano and Llaima volcano, Villarrica and Lanín volcanoes, 8 hours hiking time. Night in Malalcahuello.

Day 3/ Galletue Lake - Icalma Lake

We start in the morning towards Galletue lagoon in the heart of the Andes mountain range and its beautiful landscapes where we will have 3 hours walking, a short break to go to the Icalma lake and its beautiful lake where we will sleep tonight.

Day 4/ Batea Mahuida Volcano - Conguillío National Park

We leave early on our second day of ascent of the extinct Batea Mahuida volcano, we will climb up to 1.630 meters, where we will have a beautiful view of the lake and the surroundings of Icalma, 5 hours of walking, return to Icalma and route to the famous Conguillío National Park, we will sleep tonight there.

Day 5/ Sierra Nevada - Conguillío National Park

We leave very early for our third day of hiking, today we go to the famous Sierra Nevada from its 2.500 meters we can enjoy a magnificent view of the Lonquimay volcano, Tolhuaca and the imposing Llaima volcano with Lake Conguillío at your feet, 8 hours of walking. Night in Conguillío.

Day 6/ Trekking of the Conguillío National Park

We left very early for the Captrén lagoon, where we started the trekking through the Los Carpinteros sector, surrounding the Captrén lagoon and visiting the Araucaria Madre of 1.800 years, we continued the way to the waterfall called The veil of the bride.Returning Conguillío.

Day 7/ Ascensión Llaima Volcano

We will leave early to enjoy our fifth day of trekking, which will be the most intense in this area, this day is destined for the fourth ascent, Llaima volcano, the only volcano in South America with 3 peaks, 3.125 meters, approximate time of trekking 9 hours, return to our base camp. Night in the park.

Day 8/ Solipulli Volcano

We will leave very early towards the area of ​​Solipulli, where we will go to this famous volcano with its top covered with a glacier of 5 kilometers in diameter and 200 meters thick, estimated time of walk approximately 7 hours. Return to our base camp.

Day 9/ Conguillío National Park - Currarehue

We leave the Conguillío National Park, and head towards the  Colico and Caburga lakes in the famous Huerquehue National Park, where we will enjoy the thermal baths of San Sebastián, and we will continue our destination in the Pucón city. Night in Pucón.

Day 10/ Villarrica Volcano

For this day we climb up  Villarrica volcano with an altitude of 2.847 meters , one of the most active volcanoes in the world, 8 hours of walking, tonight we sleep in Pucón.

Day 11/ City of Pucón

For this day we have the rafting of the Trankura River in the morning, and in the afternoon a walk around the Villarrica Lake, admiring the famous volcano and its lake, tonight we will sleep in Pucón.

Day 12/ Traitaco Trekking

We leave Pucón and head towards the city of Coñaripe 70 kilometers from Pucón, where we go on a tour in the Traitraico  in front of Lake Calafquén, admiring the biodiversity of plants and return to Pucón. Night in Pucón.

Day 13/ Pucón - Temuco

We leave for the city of Temuco, the capital of Araucanía, begining our tour of the city visiting the Araucanía Museum, where we will learn a little more about the history of this ethnic and warrior group called Mapuches. Visit the picturesque free market on the Avenida Aníbal Pinto, where we will find the mixture of cultures between Chileans and Mapuches in a commercial and popular environment of our region, we will also visit the famous museum of trains inspired and dedicated to our local poet Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 Pablo Neruda, to finish with the visit to Cerro Ñielol viewpoint, where we will have a beautiful view of the city of Temuco, main pole to the Entrance of the Region of Los Lagos.

Day 14/ City of Temuco - Santiago de Chile

Transfert to Temuco airport, flight to Santiago de Chile. Accommodation at the hotel.